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17 October 2016

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15 March 2017

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Lord Shiva
22 December 2017

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21 December 2017

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20 December 2017

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19 December 2017

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13 September 2017

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Lord Ganesh
12 September 2017

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Lord Ganesh
9 September 2017

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27 August 2017

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Coconut seller
22 August 2017

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lush Green
11 August 2017

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Morning Journey
10 August 2017

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21 March 2017

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Good morning.
13 February 2017

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floating city ..Mumbai
10 December 2016

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16 May 2016

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Sweet shop.
23 July 2013

Recent Comments

omid on Lord Shiva
wonderful view! ... ℋappy ♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ¸ ¸ ¸ ¸. • * ¨ * • ...

Devi on Lord Shiva
wow lovely !! That is Mudeshwar..Went there some five years back !!!

Ana Lúcia on monkey

Existence Artistique on Lord Shiva

Blikvanger on Lord Ganesh
This is a great shot, with the man in the bottom left corner.

Blikvanger on Lord Shiva
Interesting photo.

Existence Artistique on monkey

Dimitrios on monkey
adorable acrobat!

: Helen : on monkey
Oh, I am such a softy for monkeys, particularly for the juveniles. Love their fingers and toes!

Existence Artistique on Face...222

Devi on Face...222
very good portrait here !

omid on monkey
:) L O V E L Y !

Existence Artistique on monkey

Devi on monkey
How sweet they look !

Ronnie 2¢ on monkey
Oh, they look totally irrepressible !

Gérard on monkey
And the winner is !!!!! :-)

Devi on Nandi
Wonderful framing !!!!

Existence Artistique on Nandi

Existence Artistique on Lord Ganesh

Existence Artistique on Lord Shiva

maurizio on Lord Shiva

Existence Artistique on #

Existence Artistique on Lord Ganesh

Devi on Lord Shiva
superb image !!!!!!!

Existence Artistique on Purpul
je suis de retour car je dois reprendre cours à ma vie malgré le coma de mon conjoint,donc me ...

omid on Purpul
L O V E L Y !!!!

omid on Lord Ganesh
such beautiful frame, colors & lights! Lovely!

Sam on Lord Shiva
What a beautiful view. Excellent :)

Sam on Lord Ganesh
Lord Ganesha is ready to move and bless all ... Wonderful composition. :)

Sam on Lord Ganesh
So beautiful. Wonderful image of Lord Ganesha. :)

Devi on Lord Shiva
Superb capture !!!! I can hear the udukkai oli :))) Thank you Sam :)))

Existence Artistique on Face...221

Devi on Face...221
wow...that is a lot of beads!! Lovely portrait !

Existence Artistique on Coconut seller

omid on Coconut seller
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & textures! Lovely!

Devi on Coconut seller
A cooooooooooooooooooooooool image !! I love tender coconut water ! The healthiest and safest drink..better than the ...

Harry on Colorful collection
nicely graphic

Existence Artistique on Colorful collection
superbe ces couleurs

omid on Colorful collection
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! L O V E L Y !

Devi on Colorful collection
A nice assortment of colours here !!!

Existence Artistique on spider
bon travail

beach on Speed
Nice shot.

Devi on Speed
Enjoying themselves!!

Existence Artistique on Speed
c'est une intéressante recherche

Curly on Face...220
Very strong and beautiful portrait Prashant.

omid on Face...220
such beautiful focus, DOF & colors! Lovely portrait!

Ana Lúcia on Face...220
Excellent portrait - the lines on her face tell the story.

Devi on Face...220
Great portrait !!! Gosh !! Look at all the beads she is wearing around her neck !

Existence Artistique on Face...220

Dimitrios on Face...220
220 looks GREAT

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